Monday, June 30, 2014

The Beginning... Lets Make a Game Plan

It is officially the start day of my internship for Professor Dina Berger and her project, The Ellacuria Tapes: Uncovering Loyola's Solidarity with El Salvador, and it would be fitting to have my first blog include a detailed outline of what my role and contributions to her project are going to be as well as goals to be achieved. Professor Berger's project is one facet of Loyola's November celebrations for "Ignatian Heritage Month: Salvadoran Martyrs' 25th Anniversary Remembrance" which is organized by the Office of Mission and Identity of which an online exhibit will be launched the week of November 16, 2014 to coincide with the day of the Martyrs' Commemoration and a university address on November 21 by Fr. Jon Sobrino, S.J. Although the summer intern session will be completed before the commemoration, I will continue to help Professor Berger through November 16.

Professor Berger and I discussed in length about my role in contributing to the commemoration. Together we decided that I will be creating biographies on the Jesuit martyrs as well as the housekeeper and daughter that were killed. I will be conducting in depth research in order to present scholarly biographies that honor those who were murdered as well as finding usable/legal images of each individual. The biographies will be on LUC's homepage and will be posted on the online exhibit. Luckily, I do not have to do any of the technological "stuff" because that is an area that is completely foreign to me and she has other students working on the online exhibit.

Another area that is my responsibility is finding out why Loyola created the Martyr's Wall. There are quite a lot of questions to be answered about the Wall.... 1. When was it built? 2. Who built it? 3. Is the sculpture part of if? 4. Purpose/Significance of it being at Loyola 5. Was it a donation? (If so by who?)

The final task that I am going to undertake is researching the November 16, 1989 murders and create a brief summary that will include an update since it has been 25 years.


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