Saturday, July 5, 2014

Researching how to do Research

This week has been focused on how to go about researching the deaths of the six Jesuits as well as the housekeeper and daughter of the housekeeper in order to accurately depict their lives. I scheduled an appointment with Ms. Jane Currie and she taught me how to use all of Loyola's research engines, and I would like to give her a shout out for all of her help! She showed me how to properly use the historical abstracts as well as LAPTOC, HLAS, and Hispanic American Periodicals. She even went as far as helping me set-up my interlibrary loan account of which I already received an article on a report of the assassinations. I will be using my Spanish reading and comprehension skills a lot more than I was expecting for this project because the majority of the articles are in Spanish.
Since meeting with Ms. Currie, I have begun to dive deep into the lives of the Jesuits and the Ramos family. As of now, I am searching the basics on each victim: DOB/place of birth, what they are most 'known' for, areas of studies/degrees/further education/where they studied, occupations, the date of when they entered the Society of Jesus, their arrivals/departures from El Salvador, as well as their position on the civil war (which I need to do a lot more research on). For the biographies, I do not want them to read as a list of dates and accomplishments- I want the biographies to be much more personal in order to give them a better/more eloquent honor when their information is presented in November.
Now that I have a solid start on the individuals and how to obtain more information, my next step is to find and contact who made the Martyr's Wall at LUC. The archives department informed me that they have zero information because it is "too new" which I am still confused about how that is possible, so I think my next best bet would be to contact the Gifts Department of Loyola.

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