Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Personal Touch

First things first- belated shout out to Loyola University Chicago's Alumni Facebook page for posting this blog! Pretty cool!

These next few days are the end of my internship and I never spoke about how this project will help me out in the future. I do not have all the answers for what lies ahead, and I never will. God only knows.
With that being said, a few weeks back when I was researching the six Jesuits, my mom gave me the idea to check the Voice of Martyr's (VOM) website to see if they have an online archive. VOM is a not-for-profit organization that helps Christians who are imprisoned, tortured, and persecuted all around the world. It is an organization that my family and I have supported for years and is a very well respected nonprofit, in our opinion. As I was searching their website (VOM) I stumbled upon their careers/locations. Their only U.S. location is in Bartlesville, Oklahoma a town that very few people know about, but I had just visited the area back in May. Lets just say that there are a lot of people that mean the world to me living in Bartlesville/Tulsa area and I could see myself living there after college. It is no coincidence that the VOM is located in Bartlesville. Perhaps after the fall semester, I will be working for VOM. Nothing is set in stone nor have I reached out to VOM yet, but like I said, it is no coincidence how helping a professor on a project has led me to a possible post-graduation career in a small town that is close to my heart.

Osage Hills State Park
(outside of Bartlesville, OK)

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