Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Believe That's (not) All Folks!

To reference the cartoon Porky Pig, "I believe that's all folks"! Well almost. History will never end, nor will my contribution to the Ellacuria project end today. I completed the timeline of events leading up to the November 16th assassinations as well as the final reflection paper for the course this week. All of my tasks have been completed but there is always more than can be added to the project. The timeline ended a few hours after the killings took place, but I could go further to include the happenings of the trial and how that impacted El Salvador. That is a question I am sure many historians face, when to "end".

As possibly the last post for the project, I want to again thank everyone who has helped me through this process. The biographies and timeline could not have been completed without all those who guided, proofed, read, and reread my work.

Keep an eye out when November comes around and you will see the completed project featured on Loyola University's homepage as well as links to further provide information on LUC's Solidarity with El Salvador.

Thank You.

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