Monday, July 14, 2014

Keep on Keepin on

Unfortunately, this post will not be as exciting as the previous ones. On the bright side, I have found a very reliable text that has very detailed information of the Jesuits and Ramos family beyond just simple dates and titles. I must say, these Jesuits were extremely dedicated in everything they did. They were philosophers, theologians, psychologists, sociologists, professors, university leaders, guitar players, voiced advocates, political mediators, negotiators, and so much more. I am very excited to have found a substantial amount of information on their activities. The book that I am combing through for the rest of this week is by Teresa Whitfield, Paying the Price: Ignacio Ellacuria and the Murdered Jesuits of El Salvador (1994).
Check out her book on Amazon here:
 Not only does Whitfield include information on practically every individual involved in the murders, but she also gives a solid historical background of El Salvador. There are clear images printed as well in this text which gives me a much better idea of head shots to look for that can be used for the online exhibit.

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