Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Whole New World of LUC

Today's post will mostly be of me reflecting on a meeting that I just had with Loyola's marketing team as well as with Professor Dina Berger and Katie Macica (who is also on the project). The goal of today's meeting was to discuss how the Ellacuria project will be displayed on Loyola's home page during Ignatian Heritage Month and all the entails. I have absolutely no clue on the logistics and details or anything for that matter in how to create a web page/website. Katie and her team are creating a website of the project with all of our work which includes:
1. Global Context- Cold War
2. El Salvador's Civil War
3. Liberation Theology
4. Ellacuria's Tapes
5. Loyola's Connection/Response
6. Loyola's Martyr Wall
My assignments to the project has shifted after having discussed the project with the marketers. The marketers have a lot of information in their own archives and know the best channels to go about finding information about the physical wall and Falling Angel sculpture. (See photo below) Inside Loyola did an article about sculptures around campus back in 2011 and you can view the article here: http://www.luc.edu/ilmonthly/11_janfeb/newartatlsc.html Thus, I will no longer be needing to find information on the wall- crossing that off my list. Drew was explaining to me how he creates Loyola's homepage, and what he needs from me. Basically, I will continue as planned with researching the six martyrs and Ramos family and creating their biographies. My end result is to have two substantial paragraphs on each victim (and I still do not want it to be plain information with dates and locations); from there Drew will select the basic information that will be put on the home page. He is the expert on how to make the homepage "flow" and how to keep the audience interested/hooked. On the page there will be the Wall and viewers will be able to scroll over the names and up will pop the brief information with a link to "Learn More" about each victim, which will take the viewer to the full project website and the full biographies. Since I no longer have to do research on the Wall, I will instead be searching for news material of November 17 and the public response of the murders. Professor Berger suggested finding front page news from the Tribune and news clips via Youtube of day-after reports. Also, I will continue with finding the context of the weeks/days leading up to the actual murder. There are a lot of puzzle pieces to this project, but I am very confident that by the end all of us will have created a fantastic project that honors the victims as well as informing the general public of the civil war that took thousands of lives in El Salvador during the 1980's.

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