Thursday, July 10, 2014

U.S. Media Response to November 16

As discussed in the previous post, I am now searching for usable newspaper articles that respond to the November 16, 1989 murders as well as usable news clips. The idea is to have a video in one of the 'panels' of LUC's November homepage that gives a quick outline of what happened. I chose the following two clips because each include live recordings of the crime scene and both clips complement the other. There are a lot of video clips of the murders in Spanish, but for the sake of the general audience that will be viewing the LUC homepage, we will be using the news recordings that are in English.

Here is a link for a Reuters news report courtesy of YouTube:

Finding usable newspaper articles is a bit of a challenge due to copyright. I used the search database, ProQuest, to find newspaper clippings. The ones that are most relevant are from the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. In an article from November 19, 1989 in the Los Angeles Times there was a 700 person march protesting against further U.S. funding to El Salvador's military sector. On November 22, 1989 the Chicago Tribune printed an article that included information on the Jesuits and why they were targeted as well as how the U.S. Congress should respond to their murders. On November 17, 1989 the New York Times included an article of the murders, but it did not make the front page. This article is more ideal to use for our purposes because not only does it include an image of the ransacked residents of the Jesuits, but it also includes small maps of José Simeón Cañas (UCA) and where UCA is located in El Salvador.

Which clip and newspaper article that will be used will be decided by Professor Berger and Katie Macica.

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