Saturday, July 26, 2014

Phase 2 Complete... with a Bonus

Not sure if this is technically "Phase 2" but I am going with it. Quite a few things happened this week and I will even throw in a personal note.
Most importantly: I typed up all of the biographies. What ended up happening was that I created seven in total and merged Julia Elba and Celina's into one because there is not enough information. By doing so I was able to speak about Obdulio (Julia Elba's husband and Celina's father). I found writing Julia and Celina's biographies the most difficult, not because of the lack of information but because of their innocence. The information about how they were killed is horrendous. Julia's body was hardly recognizable with the amount of bullets put into her, and the position of her body was found shielding Celina's body. It was Obdulio who found all the bodies the following morning.
Piggybacking off that: In my research I learned that Obdulio planted a rose garden at UCA with six rose bushes for the Jesuits in a circle and two yellow rose bushes in the center for his wife and daughter. This small piece of information many might find unimportant, but to me I wanted to find a photo of the roses which I had no clue in how to come about that. There is so much symbolism behind a rose if you stop and think about it. So stop and think about that for a second....
Here is the bonus: I was speaking to Dr. Jessica Martone (Department of Social Work at Loyola) because I am helping her with an evaluation project. We were talking about our busy schedules and trying to figure out our availability to work, so I ended up sharing with her this project. Turns out, Dr. Martone has been to UCA and has an entire file of photos! Guess what- she has photos of the rose garden! It is amazing what can happen when you share information with others. Dr. Martone is allowing me to use her photos from her trip for this blog as well as for the project. I really hope that some of her photos will be included in the online exhibit because these are personal photos that can not be found online (I am sure there are plenty of photos out there in cyber world, but these mean more to me).
Here are the photos courtesy of Jessica Martone:

Headstone of the Jesuits

Headstone of Julia Elba and Celina Ramos

A Yellow Rose

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